Andreas Poupoutsisis a Greek Cypriot conceptual Photographer / Artist

His photography explores graphic shapes/elements as well as odd and mysterious portraiture.

Identity is a recurring theme in my work. I use the face as a canvas.

Who are we behind the masks that personify ourselves?

Metamorphosis would best describe my creative process.

I am influenced by cubism and shapes, shadows and textures.

"Creating beautiful and abstract images intrigues me".

I am fascinated by people’s faces and especially by the transformation they go through in my photographs.

We are complex and unique individuals with our own experiences, fears and losses and use our life experiences to view the world.

Being true to ourselves is one of the most challenging things we can do.

" I don't like the normal, I always want to change the conventional and challenge the viewer to stop and question my pictures"

Andreas Poupoutsis